Electric Scooter Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know


Electric Scooter Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know!

Today in this urban landscape, travelling to workplace by car or taking public transport has become significantly burdensome. Bustling with people and traffic is another issue that every one of us needs to encounter. Most of the people now agree to the fact that commuting to and from work demands for some new modus operandi and this is where electric scooter comes to limelight. Electric Scooter is basically a vehicle that looks like a bike but it is powered by the electrical energy. Instead of using fuel or oil, the Electric Scooter uses electrical power only to function. Based on the purpose, people of any age can make use of Electric Scooters. If you plan buying one, in this electric scooter buying guide you will find all the most common questions. 

Electric Scooters are the portable and compact motorized scooter or bike that is not only efficient but fun to use. With the use of best Electric Scooter you can cover up to 20 miles with a single charge. Since they are lightweight, it can be carried easily on your person for any short distance commute. Today, the market is flooded with many different brands of Electric Scooter or e-scooters, but not all scooters are equally made and designed. Some of the models are foldable which offer heightened durability at affordable rates, while other weight less than 20-30 pounds and they are easy to carry but have inferior suspension system. The best Electric Scooter models would come with front and back disc brakes or electric brake systems, digital computer, LED lighting system, longer lasting batteries, foldable handle bars and simply 1-2 steps folding design for optimal portability and storage. Below is the quick rundown of some best brands and models of Electric Scooter for your help and the buyer’s guide that can help you to choose the best Electric Scooter for your need.


Top Electric Scooter Brands

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Since after the launch of its first Razor Models A kick scooter in 2000, Razor is the brand that has become synonymous to electric scooter. The E300 model comes with all the markings of a simple and classic motorized scooter suitable for people of all ages. The assembly is simple enough which can be used by anyone, even the kids of any age can find it easy to ride upon. This is the ergonomic, durable and comfortable model to ride. The model comes with 10” pneumatic tires for optimal suability and make rising smoother in rough terrains. As far as top speed of the scooter is concerned it can achieve the max speed of 15mph and has the average run time of 45 minutes.

Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

The Gilon Dolly Electric Scooter has the patented vertical self standing design that makes it a comfortable scooter for storage on public transports. It hardly takes around 2 seconds to fold the scooter by using its one of its kind foot activated folding mechanism and vertical self standing design make it simple and easy to handle on public transport. It is lightweight and takes 3.5 hours to get fully charged. It comes with powerful motor that can help you achieve the max speed of 15mph and has a wider range of up to 15 miles on single charge. It comes with 8” honeycomb tires which provide you extreme support even when riding the scooter on rough terrains.

EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter

EcoReco M5 is the foldable and portable Electric Scooter that performs in silence. This scooter is fuelled by its gearless direct drive motor which comes with the capacity of 750w output at its peak power. This powerful motor can help you reach the max speed up to 20mph and it is powered by the Lithium Ion battery which ensures wide range up to 20 miles with a single charge. Also, this Electric Scooter is light in weight which weighs only 35.2 lbs and it comes with pin-locking folding system that allows you to fold the scooter quickly and handle it efficiently in public transport. The scooter comes with LCD display that shows you the distance covered, sped, cycles charged, speed and more. Riding the scooter on bumpy terrains won’t be a hurdle as it comes with 5” solid rubber flat tires that support the frame well.

Fuzion V-1000 Electric Scooter

Fuzion is the popular wheeled goods manufacturer located in California and this company is also dedicated in manufacturing best sports and mobility scooters. The top of the line electric scooter from this brand is Furzion V-1000 which is the great example of two wheeled mobility scooters. This electric scooter is easy to fold, durable and perform excellently on different terrains, all thanks to its rubberized tires. The scooter comes with durable and solid frame and construction and the rear and front coil suspension provide smoother rides even on bumpy surfaces. The efficient motor installed in the scooter helps you to achieve the top speed of 18mph and with a single charge it can deliver the average wide range of 15 miles.

Black Super Electric Scooter

This is another popular California based company that is dedicated in offering some of the highest quality e-scooters. Super Turbo 1000W Elite is their latest creation and this electric scooter is mainly designed for adults as it is versatile and robust. The scooter comes with 4/11 inch all-terrain racing tires as well as eye-catchy suspension system at back and front. It also has powerful headlight at front which makes rides at night easier. This powerful e-scooter comes with powerful motor which helps you to reach the top speed of 20mph and it is powered by Lithium Ion battery.


Buyer’s Guide for Electric Scooter

Before making a purchasing decision, it is always helpful for the buyers to know exactly how the Electric Scooter works. Electric Scooters run on a combination of powerful motor and tiny battery. The battery installed creates the motion power in the motor and this causes the scooter to move forward. Alike other electrical device, it needs to be charged by plugging it on electric socket. Whether the Electric Scooter is used for riding or standing up, the functioning and the components of the scooter like speed and brake systems are regulated by knobs and the shifts that are installed on handlebar. These features make the scooter very easy to handle. Knowing all the basics of an Electric Scooter would help you to find the right Electric Scooter that meets your requirements well. Below is the list of few factors that you need to consider while buying Electric Scooter.


The Electric Scooter Tires: Rubberized Solid Tires or Inflated Air Tires


Electric scooter solid rubber tyres
Electric Scooter Solid Rubber Tire

Rubberized solid tires

As the name suggest, solid rubber tires are made out of solid rubber and they lack in optimal absorbent features. These tires are very solid and hard and owing to its solidness they can’t absorb the shocks in hard and bumpy surfaces. There are different levels of softness and hardness in rubber tires and depending upon your needs you need to make the selection. They are explosion proof and wear proof.



Inflated air tire electric scooter
Electric scooter inflated air tire

Inflated air tires

On the other hand, inflated air tires for Electric Scooter are made out of rubber, but it has an inner tube that is filled with air. The concept is very similar to that of motorcycle and bicycle. The best part of inflated tires is that it can absorb shocks really well in any terrains. These tires are perfect for rough and off-roads surface. The only drawback is that it can explode if it is filled with excessive air. So, you need to ride the scooter carefully on glass, thorns and nails.


It is crucial for you to consider the router that you want to cover with the Electric Scooter before selecting the type of tires. The basic scooters usually come with solid rubber tires which are perfect for smooth surfaces. But, if you want to take a ride on surfaces which are not level and have bumpy terrains, then for such conditions it is always better to choose wide pneumatic tires with back and front suspension.  

If you want to read more about electric scooter tires, check this article.


The Maximum Speed of Electric Scooter

electric scooter top speed

There are different Electric Scooter models available in the market and each comes with different speed range. The Electric Scooters that are used for recreation and fun activities like kick scooters; the top speed of 5-10 mph can be disappointing. In Electric Scooters there are two types of defined speeds, the comfortable cruising and maximum speed.

There are some scooters that claim to deliver the maximum speed of 20 mph, but who have tried those scooters in reality can’t achieve such top speed in any terrain. It is possible to achieve highest speed if the scooter comes with larger air wheels or suspension. Also, there are some techniques how to make an electric scooter go faster.

The Electric Scooter designed for kids have a motor that can helps you achieve up to 10-12 miles per hour, but the best models of adults Electric Scooter can maintain the maximum speed limit of 18-20 miles per hour or even more. Just like any electrical device, if you need higher speed and maximize the performance, you need to go for Electric Scooters that comes with heavy duty and powerful motor which can help you achieve the highest speed.


Battery and Max Range

Electric scooter battery

Most of the models of Electric Scooters come with lead-acid batteries that power up the motor. But, some of the specially designed and high-end models of Electric Scooter greatly rely on the lithium ion battery technology which is very advance and superior in different ways. The lithium ion battery is lightweight and it takes around three to four hours to get fully charged. On the other hand, the lead-acid batteries are excessively high in weight and it also takes longer time period to get fully charged, making it the inferior choice for most of the riders. The battery capacity of an Electric Scooter is basically quoted according to the size and it is mentioned in Amp or Ah. But this information is quite useless until the nominal voltage of the battery pack is known and then it needs to be multiplied together to determine the capacity watt-hours. So, it would be helpful if the battery sizes are quoted in Watt-hours.  

Range of an Electric Scooter is the crucial feature which needs to be considered while buying one. The importance of range needs to be underscored by the fact that how the Electric Scooter is utilized will determine the performance. The scooters that carry heavy weight would cover lesser range compared to the scooter that carries lighter weight. For more details, you can check this article about electric scooter max range or the section where the power to weight ratio is mentioned. It is estimated that the adult Electric Scooters can cover range of 7-12 miles on a single charge, while the scooters for kids can only cover a range of 5-8 miles per charge.

There are many factors that influences the range of an Electric Scooter and this includes head wind, rider’s weight, height, topography or hills, terrain, how much starting and stopping the rider does, all these factors are important for calculating and determining the overall range.       


The Weight Range

Weight of the Electric Scooter is also an important factor to consider while buying one. The weight of the e-scooter influences the overall range that it can cover and hence you need to consider it carefully. The larger sized scooters need more leaning while turning and it very difficult for the riders to turn corners with their scooters. Moreover, the heavier models come with enhanced barking system which indicates that it will take longer for you to stop the heavy models. Moreover, the larger size Electric Scooters are less influenced by the external factors like the breezy winds which you face while crossing the bridge. Since it is heavy you will enjoy more stable ride.


The Style of an Electric Scooter

Today, the market is flooded with a wide variety of Electric Scooter designs and styles to choose from. Some of the Electric Scooter models come with seats and deck, while others come with no seats like the Electric classic kick scooters. You are required to ride these scooters by standing on it and maneuvering the scooter is possible with the extra high handle bars. There are some models of Electric Scooter that are light in weight and it can be folded easily for storage and handling it in public transport. If you want more advanced models of Electric Scooters, then ensure to look for some other features like the rear and front suspension and the pneumatic tires.          

The Safety Aspects of an Electric Scooter

Before purchasing an Electric Scooter or electric kick scooter you must ensure to check the safety aspect of the scooter, features and devices carefully. It is always better to be safe than being sorry. You must not underestimate the dangers and hazards that are associated with Electric Scooter riding. You must know the possible electric scooter hazards and ensure to check all the safety aspects which can prevent all the hazards. Moreover, following the instructions and prioritizing the features over fun is the key to safety.


The Comfort Level of an Electric Scooter

The Electric Scooters without inflated air tires and suspensions are particularly uncomfortable for riding on normal and smooth terrains. Every potholes and bumps that you come across will be transmitted up to the handle bar and standing platforms, causing trouble while riding. You also need to ensure that you choose the Electric Scooter with minimal play/give in vertical handlebar. The best Electric Scooter models would make you feel firmer, stable and predictable while cruising at higher speed, regardless of the terrain.


The Motor of an Electric Scooter

Motor is the heart of the Electric Scooter and it is what drives the scooter. Depending upon the intended use and quality, the Electric Scooter features varying power motors. The kid’s Electric Scooters come with motors of up to 350 watts and this motor offers decent lower average speeds and acceleration. The powerful motor installed in Electric Scooter is 500 watts which offer heightened acceleration and speed and it gives your scooter the required power to climb gentle slopes. If you are looking for the powerful Electric Scooters which can achieve higher speeds and can climb comfortably any terrains and steep slopes, then ensure to choose Electric Scooter that comes with 750 watts motor or 1000 watt motor for more power.


Breaking Systems of an Electric Scooter

When you are riding your Electric Scooter at its top speed of maximum 40mph, it is always a good idea to use both the brakes installed at back and front of the scooter. The motor upfront can also be used to stop the scooter during emergencies as it comes with built-in electric brakes which can efficiently slow down the speed of the scooter. Having brakes both at front and rear is proved to very effective compared to the disc brake on rear wheel. Jamming the brake at back can cause the Electric Scooter to slide and it may become out of control. So, ensure to choose the scooter that has both rear and front brakes.


Cost of an Electric Scooter

The cost of the Electric Scooter varies depending upon the features and power that it has. So, you are required to compare the rates of different models online and choose the one that suits your budget.

I hope you found this electric scooter buying guide useful. Comment below if you want to add something else!

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