Does an Electric Scooter Need License?


Does an Electric Scooter Need License?


Scooters are continually becoming more and more mainstream as time passes. They are seen more as an actual vehicle and less as a toy, as they were in the past. While this is great for the environment and those looking for a comfortable and accessible means of transportation, it creates some doubts when it comes to legality. This is the moment when the first question comes into your head Does an electric scooter need license?

The reason behind the inquiry is that electric scooters, until recent times, were seen as pertaining to the same category as bikes and skateboards.

However, with their popularization, scooters are acquiring a much more serious tone and states are starting to pay attention to them.

For those wondering whether or not do they need a license to ride their scooters, it’s important to keep in mind the things that make a motorized vehicle as well as what qualifies a medium of transportation as such.

It’s important to pay attention to the laws of the place you’re living. This can be somewhat complicated since different states have different approaches when it comes to how electric scooters are regulated.

However, it’s an excellent idea to be mindful of what could make an electric scooter qualify as a full-on motorcycle.

Things like power output and top speeds are the main factors that could drive regulations into your electric scooter. So, they are important points to take into consideration whenever you’re going to either purchase a new scooter or modify the one you already posses.


So, do I truly need a license?

Does an Electric Scooter Need License?
Does an Electric Scooter Need License?


As we keep saying, you need to research of the laws of the place where you are; that is fundamental.

To find out your state’s regulations as they relate to the licensing of your electric scooter, by all means, don’t hesitate to contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles. You need to find the ultimate authority on motor vehicle and transportation law.

Here is the link of Department of Motor Vechicles:

Regardless of your home state, the thing is that the chances probably are that your DMV website maintains an informational website or someplace you can call to have some information.

Since we’re here to help you and any scooter users out there, we’ve compiled a comprehensible and summarized guide on the laws related to electric scooters in several states.

This should give you a good idea on how the rest of the country stands when it comes to regulation:


In California, riders do not have to register. Also, they don’t need a special license or insure motorized scooters, which may be worked on trails, bicycle paths, or bikeways, and on the right-hand curb of highways where the speed limit does not surpass 25 mph.

Nevertheless, the scooter drivers must be in possession of a driver’s license (a regular one) or learner’s permit in order to drive an electric scooter. You need to be 16 years old or more.


In Florida, the state law commands that the scooter drivers must be in possession of a valid driver’s licenses. Also, it is really important that their motorized scooters are titled and registered.


The good thing about Miami is that you don’t need to have a specific age, you just need permission and a scooters license. You can find some restrictions and norms you need to follow:

  • You cannot ride an electric scooter on an interstate and if you do, you would have to maintain a speed of about 40 mph.
  • It is illegal to ride on the yellow lines that divide paths. It is important to keep this in mind because you will be attracted towards passing stopped traffic.

But, where can I ride?

  • You can ride on normal streets, but you have the duty to stay as close to the right edge of the road as possible.
  • In general, just stick to the same traffic laws you would with any other regular vehicle.


All the riders must have a Class M motorcycle license (or a driver’s license with the M endorsement) in order to operate a motorcycle or motor-tricycle on Missouri roads.

It is vital and necessary to register the bike with the Missouri Department of Revenue. Nevertheless, whether or not you need a license to ride a scooter in Missouri is going to depend on the size of the scooter’s engine or cc displacement.

That’s because of something we briefly mentioned at the beginning:

The rules for scooters and motorized bicycles always depend on engine movement because they command how fast the vehicle can go.

Under the Missouri law, any two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicle with any sort of automatic transmission, with a cylinder capacity less than 50 cubic centimeters, and a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour is going to classify -without any doubt- as a scooter.

In almost every place, you are going to need a license. Just because of the fact that it’s a vehicle, and any vehicle that is going to be part of the traffic needs a rider that owns a license.

How to get a license for electric scooter?

This is going to depend on the place where you are as well. But, almost all the time, you have to follow the same steps.

  • You need to be a certain age. This is the most important part because, in many places, an operator at 16 years old (by the least) is required.
  • Then, you need to obtain a driver’s license or learner’s permit, if applicable.

For example, in Rhode Island, that type of licensing is not required. But, in places like Wisconsin, all drivers must possess a valid driver’s license to be able to operate their scooters.

  • In the end, you need to Obtain a motorcycle license (or authorization) if the bike’s engine exceeds 50cc. This is something that applies universally. Therefore, you can be sure about this and can have this in mind when you are about to buy your scooter.

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