How Far Does An Electric Scooter Go Without Charging?


How Far Does An Electric Scooter Go Without Charging?

Once seen as a vehicle for the elderly and playful little kids, electric scooters are now becoming a widespread and accepted medium of transportation. Thanks to their comfort and how practical they are, more and more people are starting to use them as their main vehicle for their daily commutes. If you’re interested into learning more about them, as in how far does an electric scooter go without charging, you may read on. While today it’s not really that hard to find somewhere you can charge your electric scooter, it’s still good to know how much you can use them between stops.

Depending on the model, electric scooters can go up to 35-40 miles on average without charging. Factors that impact the range are: driver’s weight, average speed, weather conditions, uphills and downhills. There are many other factors that can increase or decrease the max distance without charging. 

As such, we will provide you with a small guide on how to understand what gives your scooter the range it has per charge and what affects it. The idea behind this is to let you have a good foundation to better understand your vehicle and get the most out of it, which is what we all want to do not only with our scooters, but with all investments.


About Electric Scooter Batteries

Electric scooter battery

The battery is the heart of your scooter. As such, the first thing that one must understand before knowing how much juice you can squeeze out of your scooter is its battery.

  • Voltage

First of all, realize that we’re talking about an electric generator. As such, the first thing to explain is what the volts mean.

The reason we should care about voltage is that it’s directly related to the power of the bike. The higher the volts listed, the faster your scooter will be able to get you to your destination.

Now, it becomes easier to see how this affects the range.

The faster you can go, the more you can travel before the battery is spent.

Now, while the voltage isn’t the main deciding factor on how much your battery lasts, it does mean that the amount of current needed to perform is less. As such, it can make a difference on how much the battery lasts.

Be mindful of using high voltage batteries, a 72V is a shock hazard; not only are you risking injuries, but it also can cause issues regarding regulation.

Depending on the country, a power output that is too high can make your scooter qualify as a moped, which has more legal requirements.

  • Controllers

Controllers simply limit the maximum power and speed output.

They can make a 48V scooter go slower than a 36V, or the contrary. As such, it’s an interesting piece to look at when trying to get more range from your scooter.

  • Amp Hours

This is the straight indicator of how much the battery will last. This is essentially the gas meter for your electric scooter’s “tank”.


What Impacts The Range You Can Go Without Charging?

Charging electric scooter

  • Power Output

As explained earlier, the power output will dictate how far (and fast) you can go before your battery completely dies.

It’s fairly simply to understand that, if you have two batteries with the same amp hours, but one can go 20mph and one 25mph, the latter will have more range.

This is directly related to the voltage of your battery and its controllers.

  • Terrain

The conditions of the terrain will heavily dictate how much work any vehicle has to do to move from one point to the other.

Driving your scooter through a smooth, asphalt road will put your vehicle through much less pressure than driving it on sand or dirt.

Similarly, the inclination of the terrain plays an obvious part due to gravity.

  • Weight

The amount of weight your scooter is subjected to will also decrease its range.

The reason behind that is the fact that heavier loads require more power to move, the result is slower speeds and more current being spent.

  • E-Scooter Condition

First, a good battery from a good manufacturer will last longer and have better power.

Apart from that, the motor also plays an important part outside of the battery itself when it comes to the range. An inefficient motor that wastes energy with friction or other malfunctions will decrease the range significantly.

Other things that can increase or decrease the range of your bike include the chain lubrication, having a low tire pressure, and anything that can increase the amount of energy your bike must spend to move.


How Can You Increase The Range? 5 tips

electric scooter tuning

Understanding the components of your bike, mainly the battery, will aid you greatly in knowing what affects the range of your electric scooter. The same happens with external factors.

As such, once you understand the causes, you’re able to start seeing how you can fix them and what you need to touch in order to get the results you want.

There are many things you can take a look at to gain a higher range, both inside and outside of your bike.

1. Change The Battery.

The first and most obvious thing to do if you want to make your scooter faster is to simply change the battery to increase its power.

Just beware of the voltage and how much might represent a shock hazard.

2. Change The Controllers.

By placing a controller with a higher threshold, you can effectively increase the output power of your bike.

When doing so, pay attention to how powerful your scooter ends up being, as certain speeds can incur in certain regulations depending on the country.

3. Drive Through Easy Terrain.

While your daily commute shouldn’t be too prone to driving through dirt or hard terrain, be mindful of slopes and inclinations, as well as speed bumps and the condition of the roads.

4. Put Less Weigh on Your Scooter.

If you’re modding your scooter, or creating one from scratch, it might be worthwhile to invest in parts that aren’t as heavy.

Additionally, try to limit how much you take with you on your scooter, or pay extra attention to battery charge if you’re planning on picking up heavy items.

5. Keep Your Scooter’s Condition.

Do your best to ensure your scooter’s parts are clean, lubricated, and installed and fitting correctly. That will ensure top performance and efficiency. 


If you have any other tips on how to increase an electric scooter range, just leave the comment below! Thank you.

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